cementropy: florida + ohio is about channeling geographic frustration through an ongoing photo essay that parallels broken culture in saint petersburg and bowling green while learning about analog photography via an arsenal of 35mm, 110mm, 120mm, 4x5in, and instant film cameras, light table is abandoned power line insulators repurposd as legs for new ras+e design studio furniture, rgbabies are digital natives, so disfigured fetuses imply the damage of mediated children who grow up on tech made in china, and the slinky doubles as a vending machine coil to reinforce the disposability of children in china, montana tree is a graffiti artist's xmas card to friends and family, and because we like making things but aren't great at networking, here are a few of the past five years of ras+e calling cards: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015, so if you want one, we've got a lot left, and poladroids: factory workers 1, 2, and 3, poladroids: hoodies, poladroids: gestures, and poladroids: millennials expose victims of contemporary culture through various methods of digitally-destroyed, analog film backlit by television monitors, computer screens, tablets, and LED lights, florida trash portraits 1, 2, and 3 and ohio trash portraits 1, 2, and 3 document worthless ephemera of st. petersburg and bowling green with precious instant film, john waters posters were commissioned for a four-part film series and subsequent john waters lecture hosted by bgsu, peakaboom are banners for baltimore, super special is a collaboration with 0-to-1 to make a soft living environment for children with motor disabilities (exhibited at nycxdesign and queens museum), heat gun: food is plastic toy foodstuffs melted with a heat gun to highlight their artificiality and then placed in a natural environment and shot with a holga plastic toy camera, heat gun: army men renders defenseless army men in situ, heat gun: boy girl remixes formal design elements to neutralize gender stereotypes, co-lab is a book for sale on interdisciplinary design collaboration and published by bis, co-lab.us is a blog containing 75 expanded interviews among other collaborative things that didn't fit in the book, co-lab posters remix the 400+ illustrations and typography from the book in 22x30 silkscreened prints, co-lab tshirts are 2-color silkscreens on white american apparel fine jerseys, co-lab mailers are also handmade and if you want one, we might have some left, ventilator + shark + angryoungpoor shoes are made with cyanotype juice and more channeled frustration, schizocourier is a bastard mashup of the famed monospace, blind spot is a recurring comic narrative of red eye technology installed throughout baltimore city, play III is a critique of monocultures by combining mahjong and playing card references, undeus ex machina is about technophilia as (life)style pitting physical reality in today’s youth culture, cmd z is about prompting a broken culture with activist stencils, choose your own apocalypse are cyanotees on critical environmental and cultural self-awareness, re:purpose adapts our imagery as screenprinted posters, body blood and the machine is an album cover donated to an aiga fundraising event, cave art is a graffiti installation referencing the death of physical play via a digitized lascaux, re:visit is a solo show at studio@620, play II is an activist critique of cavalier political discussions using playing card language, re:public is an identity created for the occupy protest movement, te@ch is a research paper on style versus substance in the design classroom, re:size are cardboard bras, community meal is a charitable set of posters we did for lititz mennonite church, none of the above are cyanotyped shadow puppets across an an impractical saint petersburg icon, re:partee is cyanotyped hands in dialogue across shirts and prints, antibody merges stencils with comic pulp and biology noir, pixel boy is a large-format narrative of a dissipating projected man done in collaboration with kate shelley, feedback is an icon set of merged communication forms, re:print is an original alt printmaking process, body language was a collaborative show with kate shelley, re:fuse was the ras+e thesis exhibition, playbill documented re:fuse as theatre, pixel missiles was a tape and paper guerilla installation at mica in baltimore, re:form remixes standardized forms, re:mail was a guerilla installation of 600 emails as paper airplanes at mica in baltimore, re:miss distributes portable cardboard missiles, re:morse features photographs of screenprinted html and css personas, re:pair remixed sex ed materials, re:touch explores interaction through degraded silver gelatin prints, voicebox broke down an original typeface as a photocopied puzzle.

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